KVCF was established in 2013 after Matt attended a class called “Heaven in Business” at a bible school in Redding, California (BSSM). The charismatic ideas of ‘making God your CEO’, and ‘co-laboring with God’ rattled Matt’s lifelong views on entrepreneurship and spirituality.

KVCF is a social enterprise and economic development focused early-stage venture fund. Investing and advising is provided for a select number of companies and projects around the world that have a special blend of social, spiritual and economic drivers.

KVCF Overview

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Strategic Auto Dealer brand evolution

Auto Vessel is a revolutionary lead generation system for high class auto dealerships in the United States and Canada. Modernizing the way Auto Dealers think, we help sell vehicles on the market. OEM’s love us, dealerships exclusively work with us.



The Love Label

Featuring Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale is an unsigned fashion-art rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada residing in Los Angeles​ Palaye Royale was officially formed in late 2011. The band consists of front-man Remington Leith, guitarist & organist Sebastian Danzig, and drummer Emerson Barrett.

ARTISTS Let’s rock



A Global Digital Family

Idea Vessel is a technology company with offices in US, Canada, Australia and India. IV re-launched in 2015 in the US, after previously being founded in Canada in 2011.  IV is the nucleus of KVCF, providing an in-house solution for projects, partnerships and ideas to scale, from concept to commercialization.

IV now has a team of 65+, including a Tech School in rural India, and focuses on education & youth empowerment in West Bengal, while raising funds to build a 300-person technology park “Bengali Valley”


SEO Vessel

Search Engine Optimization

Developing large and small companies’ digital reach with a proven track record of web design, coding, app creation, consulting, and much more. Our library is continually refreshed with the latest on web technology so you’ll never fall behind. Servicing clients within North America, Europe and Africa. Coming soon to Australia.



Freedom Farmers

Cocoa Exporting in Liberia, West Africa

After the ebola crisis in 2015 and closure of cocoa operations in Sierra Leone, troubles continued for Matt to lead Kingdom Venture Capital Fund into another trading season. After failing to recapitalize the business with $2M needed for operational costs to continue at scale, KVCF looked to complete a company merger with Trade Link Inc. that would solve operational and cash flow problems for both companies.

“Freedom Farmers” was soon established, in 2016, serving neighboring Liberia’s cocoa farmers with KVCF’s well-known fair trade practices. After a foundation was set in place, again failure to recapitalize took place. With foreign investors weary of West African investing, both teams were left heartbroken, giving up the opportunity to trade for yet another full year. Trade Link continues to operate in Liberia today, while KVCF remains focused on it’s other ventures, awaiting a return when the time is right.  Watch Matt’s behind the scenes visit during one of Trade Link’s cocoa warehouses here.





Television Series (12 Episodes):  TV Hosts (Matt Liberto & Grant Anderson) drink beer and talk about God, while adventuring with special guests in “Sin City”, Las Vegas (Season 1) – from getting knuckle tattoos to getting beat up by a UFC fighter, interviewing porn stars, racing supercars and more.

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Travel by Dart

Adventure Television Series

Two friends (Matt Cook & Sorin Mihailovici), lifestyle entrepreneurs and adventurists throw a dart at the world map blindfolded and travel wherever it lands, no matter the remoteness, cost or difficulty.

From camel racing in Oman to the secret Moai statues of Rapa Nui, Matt and Sorin unravel the rich history of sub-cultures that connect the world today. Season one takes place over 12 Episodes, 14 countries and spans every continent (including Antarctica).

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